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Grout plant for pipe jacking project

2020-05-11 16:42:13

Grout plant for pipe jacking project

Lead grout plant can be widely used for pipe jacking project. Pipe jacking project is a non-excavation construction method, which is a pipeline buried construction technology that does not excavate or excavates less. It is widely used for trenchless laying of urban underground water supply and drainage pipelines, natural gas pipelines, communication cables and other pipelines. It can cross roads, railways, bridges, mountains, rivers, straits and any building on the ground. Using this technology for construction can save a lot of land acquisition and demolition costs, reduce environmental pollution and road blockages, and has significant economic and social benefits.
LGP400/700/80PL-E grout plant is specially designed for Herrenknecht pipe jacking machine, it is high shear grout mixer, agitator, grout pump all in one plant, very easy to operate and move. The high shear grout mixer volume is 400L, agitator volume is 700L, there are two stages for pressure, that’s low pressure and high pressure, when at low pressure stage, the pressure is 0-25 bar, grout flow is 0-80L/min, when at high pressure stage, the pressure is 45 bar, flow is 0-58L/min. It is widely used for mixing and pumping bentonite slurry with pipe jacking machine in tunnel boring projects.

grout plant for pipe jacking project

High speed colloidal type grout mixer is for mixing water and cement ratios down below 0.32. The grout mixer produces a thoroughly uniform mixture, free of lumps or chunks. The cement particle individually separated and mixed. Also, the closet space between the impeller and the mixer housing will not allow big aggregate size pass through.
Cement grout agitators serve as an intermediate tank between the mixer and the grout pump. The grouting projects require a continuous supply, the grout agitator will help. The grout agitator consists of a tank with a simple base fame, and electric power supply or the diesel engine supply. The grout agitator will keep the mixture in suspension and release the air bubbles in the mixture. Cement grout mixer and agitator will realize the continuous grouting projects done. Because cement mixer and agitator can continuous finish cement mixing.
Now we have developed full series of grout plant, pump including piston type, 
plunger type, double piston type and hose type. Mixer volume from 200L to 1200L, agitator volume from 300L to 3000L, pump flow from 1 to 300L/min and pressure from 1 to 100 bar. Electric power and diesel power are available for customization.

grout pump for pipe jacking project

If you don’t know which type grout plant is suitable for your project, please help us to confirm the following points:
1. What is the pressure of grout pump station for pipe jacking project do you demands?
2. What is the flow do you demands?
3. Would you like the grout plant with electric motor or diesel engine? If want the injection grout pump wok with electric motor; also please confirm the voltage at the worksite.
Send your answers and demands to for more suitable type and the best price of grout plant.

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