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High shear grout mixer for cementitious grout mixing

2020-05-16 11:34:51

High shear grout mixer for cementitious grout mixing
What is a high shear grout mixer for cementitious grout mixing? It is an integrated grouting machine with mixer produced by Leadcrete company. It consists of high-speed mixer, low-speed agitator. Leadcrete High speed vortex pulping machine is used to fast confect cement slurry special equipment in grouting construction. It utilizes impeller of high speed centrifugal pump rotating to produce high-speed fluid flow. The strong whirlpool forms in cement mixer drum, so that the materials are fully uniform mixed and quickly made into slurry. It mainly offers grouting slurry in construction of water electricity, railways, highways, bridges, buildings, mines and underground engineering. High shear grout mixer plays an important role in many areas.

grout mixer for cementitious grout mixing

Volume of mixer, agitator and grout pump can be equipped according to actual requirement. There are different models of integrated grout mixer for customers to choose, including 250- 750L mixing volume. It can grout cement, slurry, bentonite, superfine cement. The efficiency of mixing is high and the rotate speed is 1400 rpm.  High shear cement grout agitator is a core part of the integrated machine. Mixing speed and even level will affect grouting efficiency and effect. Therefore equipped grout pump should match the mixing speed.

cementitious grout mixer

Leadcrete has over 10 year experiences in manufacturing construction machinery. The integrated grout mixer pump sells well in national and international market. It enjoys good reputation with customers. Recently a new customer from Philippines has order 1 sets of high shear grout mixer. We are appreciated for the trust of this friend from the Philippines. Due to the word of mouth, more and more new customers come to us.

high shear grout mixer

Leadcrete is an excellent manufacturer and exporter of
high shear cement grout mixer. Leadcrete is engaging in the design, manufacturing and export of different kinds of grout mixer for cementitious grout mixing. And, Leadcrete is committed to develop new products to meet the customers’ need, with the ability to provide the necessary technical support and engineering experience required. Today, Leadcrete products are widely working in China, Australia, Finland, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico, Peru, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka etc. and got the customers’ satisfaction based on the high-quality and competitive price.

high shear grout mixer factory

cement grout mixer is the special equipment of serosity mixing in grouting engineering. Not only it makes the slurry in short time, but has strong power of slurry transportation and is applied to match with various grouting pump. If you want to seek a high shear cement grout mixer, don’t be hesitate to make a comparison. Leadcrete can provide you cementitious grout mixer with factory price and good quality.

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