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Grass seeding machine with China supplier

2020-06-13 15:08:03

Grass seeding machine with China supplier
Spraying planting and greening technology is a major innovation in modern greening technology. Its advantages are fast speed, high efficiency, low investment and low cost. Some countries have widely used it. Its basic principle is the application of machinery to seeds, fertilizers, and clay. Mix glue and water, mix and spray, and make seeds stick to the ground. When the climate and soil are suitable, they can germinate and grow quickly. A sprayer can afforeze tens to hundreds of mu per hour. China grass seeding machine is widely used. Where greening is needed, it can be applied.

grass seeding machine with China supplier

With the widespread application of grass seeding machine made in China, many users find that the construction noise and construction garbage are not produced in the construction of hydroseeding sprayer, and the advantages of ecological environmental protection, beautiful silencing and perfect integration with natural ecological environment can be achieved. For the ecological restoration of hard slope body or stone slope body, it can provide a thick enough soil environment for vegetation growth; vegetation selection can be diversified and can form a benign ecological vegetation system, trees, shrub, rattan, flowers, grass organic combination, Make vegetation less degraded, facilitate the rapid restoration of ecosystems, rapidly restore the slope environment to its natural state, significantly reduce the cost of late maintenance, and reasonably and accurately supplement the elements and nutrients missing in the soil during filling operations, More conducive to the growth of vegetation.

grass seeding machine made in China

Hydroseeding is considered by experts as the most efficient way to restore deteriorating grass,wether it’s for a small backyard or thousands of acres.Hydroseeding is also commonly used for rapid erosion control and environmental restoration. ZYP series of China grass seeding machine is used for slope greening professional equipment, the equipment will be through the soil matrix, water retaining agent, binder, seeds, fertilizer, spraying machine in stirred tank is mixed with water to form colloidal slurry with high lift multistage pump the seeding to be broadcast on the slope. Because the mixed slurry contains water retaining materials, adhesive materials and all kinds of nutrients, it can effectively prevent rainwater from scouring while ensuring the growth of water and other nutrient sources needed for plant growth. Therefore, plants can grow healthily and rapidly.

With the popularization of China grass seeding machine, the field of application is expanding, from the original high speed slope to the emergency treatment of slope collapse, desert greening, nature reserve, flood control wall, ecological vertical wall, Ecological restoration of hard structural surfaces; artificial landscape watercourses, residential slopes, horticultural landscape walls, hydrophilic retaining walls, roof greening, etc.; Ecological riverbanks, reservoir fluctuation zones, wetland projects, lake and coastal projects, highway subgrade slopes, etc. Bridge pier slope protection, culvert entrance and exit "eight characters" wall; green mountain, slope excavation, retaining wall engineering, ecological river bank of city center, park lake bank, landfill, golf course and so on can be used in every place.

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