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Foam concrete manufacturer cast-in-place walf

2020-02-27 19:48:24

 Foam concrete manufacturer cast-in-place wall

1. Low cost: The construction cost of building exterior wall usually includes depreciation cost of construction equipment, material cost, labor cost, construction energy cost, transportation cost, management cost, capital cost, unforeseen risk cost, etc.
2. Good flatness: The use of standard steel molds improves the flatness of the wall surface. After pouring, the keel reinforcement of the wall is integrated with the poured foamed concrete. The overall effect and the quality of the wall surface are excellent. The plastering process of the wall surface mortar is eliminated, and the surface of the wall such as putty and tile can be scraped directly Decorative treatment. Save a lot of labor costs, make work efficiency greatly improved.

cement foaming machine

3. Mechanized and efficient construction: Our cement foaming machine integrates foaming, mixing and conveying as a whole. It conveys 80 meters vertically and 500 meters horizontally. General buildings only need one or two working points to complete the entire building. Of the pouring project, the pouring capacity of 20-40 cubic hours per hour makes the wall pouring work efficiency amazing. Take the thickness of the partition wall of 120mm and 25 cubic hours per hour as an example, which is equivalent to completing 200 square meters of wall casting per hour. It is estimated that it can complete the wall pouring of nearly 2000 square meters per day, especially in the people-oriented society, where the labor cost is constantly increasing, it has obvious advantages.

4. Good overall performance: it can be cast on site, which is closely integrated with the main project, reducing the cracking of traditional large-area stucco mortar.

cement foaming machine for cast-in-place wall

5. The production process is simple: only vertical mold, pouring, and demoulding are needed, which avoids the multiple processes of traditional building materials handling, masonry, and painting. Foam concrete manufacturers reduce the dust link, especially with PM2.5 index Release, this process is more in line with the requirements of the civilization trend of the construction site. The degree of industrial automation is higher, and the quality of wall materials is easier to control.

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