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Most little foam concrete machine for prefabricated homes

2021-04-16 16:37:14

Most little foam concrete machine for prefabricated homes
Foam concrete is a lightweight structure, which can greatly improve the energy-saving effect and the heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation effect of the wall when used on the cast roof. Therefore, the quality requirement of foam concrete itself is a bit high. As a production equipment, most little foam concrete machine for prefabricated homes plays an important role in manufacturing. It is the producer of foam concrete. Without a good most little foam concrete machine for Prefabricated homes, it is difficult to achieve the function of roof insulation.  

Most little foam concrete machine for prefabricated homes

Our company's most little foam concrete machine adopts advanced hydraulic control technology and has a high degree of automatic integration. It is equipped with automatic equipment integrating mountain material, foaming, stirring and mixing, discharging and conveying. The whole equipment makes water and cement into slurry in proportion, then makes water and foaming agent into fine foam by air compressor on the other side, and then mixes the slurry and foam into desired foam concrete in proportion. In order to increase the outlet pressure, the foam concrete machine for prefabricated homes uses a double-cylinder piston structure, which can effectively control the hydraulic system. And the equipment itself has full automatic control, all kinds of production costs can be adopted in proportion, and the density of foamed concrete can be adjusted. Combined with various foaming agents, the foaming effect is improved, and the cost and quality produced are reliable and stable.

little foam concrete machine for prefabricated homes

The operation process of most little foam concrete machine in house insulation is as follows:
1. According to the strength and density of foamed cement, design the thickness of heat insulation layer for housing construction
2. Find the elevation and elastic line, determine the thickness of foam concrete, stick it to the elevation of slurry, and then pull the wire for screed. At the same time set up templates around the construction surface.
3. Mix the slurry evenly. According to the water-cement ratio, water is added into the mixer to prepare slurry aggregate, and then the foaming agent and water are mixed to prepare foaming liquid, which is foamed with the aggregate in the mixer to produce uniform foam products.
4. High pressure port, through the pipeline high-rise pump to the housing construction site
5. The foamed cement can be poured to the floor of the house, which can be operated by sections and time sharing. In addition, pay attention to the difference between the casting thickness and the actual thickness. During construction, observe the pouring flow and pressure, and strictly control the thickness of pouring and the flatness of wall surface. It can't be too thick, resulting in excessive wall weight and excessive cost, and too small thickness will affect the effect of heat insulation.
6. Finally, use the horizontal elevation line to find the horizontal line, and then pave it according to this as a reference. The fine operation needs to be done according to the requirements of the architect.

foam concrete machine for prefabricated homes

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