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Easy operation greening hydroseeding

2021-05-18 17:49:53

Easy operation greening hydroseeding
Easy operation greening hydroseeding is an equipment used for beautification. Planting soil, landscaping grass seeds, water-retaining agent, adhesive and fertilizer are mixed with water in a mixing container to form colloidal mixed slurry, which is sprayed and sown on the slope to be sown by a pressure pump. 
1. It is driven by vehicles and powered by diesel engines, which has strong mobility and is suitable for field construction.
2. Continuous loading of materials, uninterrupted construction and high construction efficiency.
3. The crushing, mixing and stirring of materials are all completed by the same equipment, with compact structure, complete functions and simple operation. Accessories rack, portable charging lamp, complete set of steel cable shackle, spanner, screwdriver, high-pressure delivery pipe, water, multi-purpose funnel, etc. We only do R&D and manufacturing of easy operation greening hydroseeding, and apply the equipment to our own engineering construction, so as to make better use of the products. 
1. The easy operation greening hydroseeding machine is driven by a single diesel engine with centralized electric control, which is convenient and simple to operate. Especially suitable for field work.
2. Three-dimensional stirring is formed by adopting the mode of mixing with hydraulic driving paddle and combining with reflux flushing stirring, so as to ensure that the organic mixed materials for improving soil such as clay, seeds, fertilizers and auxiliary materials are stirred quickly and uniformly in the tank body.
3. The designed solid-liquid pump can spray mud and grass seed mixture with no more than 2 cm solid particles smoothly, without blockage and interruption, and has strong adaptability to soil quality. High output pressure and high spray head; It can transport viscous materials, increase the thickness of spray layer of spray seeding, or increase the compactness of spray seeding grass seed materials by increasing the viscosity under the condition of large angle slope, so as to avoid salt and less blanking. Rubber wear-resistant pipes can be connected to the high slope, which increases the lift and is convenient for construction. The pump body is easy to install and disassemble and easy to maintain.
4. Easy operation greening hydroseeding is equipped with a 360-degree freely rotating universal nozzle, and is also equipped with long and short and fan nozzles and guide pipe valves, which are convenient to exchange according to different operation faces.

Easy operation greening hydroseeding

Spray seeding process of easy operation hydroseeding
1. Tile it on the trimmed slope from top to bottom, fix it with bamboo nails at a distance of 30em, and net the slope without buckling or hanging.
2. Cover soil or machine spray backfill pad, which is suitable for the sun, and then wet the slope surface.
3. Spraying seeds, covering non-woven fabrics and spraying seeds. Greatly increases the soil screening efficiency, realizes that the soil can be screened independently without manpower or a soil screening machine, and saves the soil screening cost. 

Easy operation greening hydroseeding

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