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Double plunger high pressure grouting pump for sale to UAE

2024-06-05 11:06:18

Today, our factory shipped two double plunger high pressure grouting pumps and two double plunger high pressure grout station/plant to the UAE. These pumps were acquired by a long-term partner who has been collaborating with us for many years. This customer possesses over a decade of experience in the construction industry, specializing in deep foundation and ground solutions. Their company mainly offers services in support, piling, micro-tunneling, soil improvement/slope stability, and utility construction and installation.

double plunger grouting pump manufacturer

The high-pressure plunger grouting pumps they purchased are designed with two low-wear plunger pumps. These pumps feature double-acting mechanisms, ball valves, low pressure surges, and variable pressure and flow capabilities. As a result, they are well-suited for various grouting tasks involving particle sizes up to 8mm. These tasks include pumping backfill mortar behind tunnel liners, grouting in soil, earth foundation stabilization, waterproofing, tunnel lining, underwater foundations, bridge decks, deep well casing, slope line grouting, and more.

double plunger grouting pump supplier

Application range 
double plunger high pressure grouting pump UAE:

The high-pressure plunger grouting pumps are versatile tools used in a wide array of construction activities. They are ideal for projects that require precise grouting, such as:
- Backfill mortar pumping behind tunnel liners
- Soil grouting and earth foundation stabilization
- Waterproofing and tunnel lining
- Underwater foundation work
- Bridge decks and deep well casing
- Slope line grouting

double plunger grouting pump

Product advantages 
double plunger high pressure grouting pump for sale:

The primary advantage of the plunger pump system over the piston pump system lies in its simplicity and durability. The plunger system does not require tightly toleranced parts like cylinders or precise piston seals. Instead, it utilizes a maintenance-free seal for the plunger, ensuring ease of maintenance and long-term reliability.

double plunger high pressure grouting pump for sale

Product features of 
double plunger grouting pump:

1. Plunger Pump System: Unlike piston systems, the plunger system eliminates the need for precise tolerances and intricate seals, resulting in a more straightforward and maintenance-free design.
2. Double Plungers and Acting: The dual plungers enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the pumping action.
3. Compact Vertical Design: The vertical configuration ensures a compact size, making it suitable for various construction sites with space constraints.
4. Hydraulic Drive: The hydraulic drive mechanism ensures smooth operation and reliable performance.
5. Pressure Release: The system safely releases pressure when pumping is blocked, enhancing operational safety.
6. Ball Valve: The inclusion of ball valves improves the pump's overall functionality and reliability.
7. Up to 8mm Particle Size: The pump can handle particle sizes up to 8mm, making it versatile for various grouting applications.
8. Low Wear Plunger System: The design focuses on minimizing wear, which extends the pump's service life.
9. Low Flow Pressure Surge System: This feature reduces pressure surges, ensuring a steady and consistent flow.

double plunger high pressure grouting pump UAE

Overall, the high-pressure plunger grouting pumps represent a significant advancement in construction technology. Their robust design, ease of maintenance, and versatility in handling various grouting tasks make them an invaluable asset for construction companies specializing in deep foundation and ground solutions. These pumps not only improve operational efficiency but also ensure long-term reliability and safety in demanding construction environments.

double plunger high pressure grouting pump

High pressure grouting pump UAE specification:



Rated Output

0-80 L/Min

Rated Pressure

0-50 Bar

W/C ratio


Plunger Dia.




Inlet Dia.


Outlet Dia.


Power Unit



Hydraulic drive

Max. particle size




Note: Double cylinders double plunger vertical type pump pressure and flow could be adjustable step-less.

high pressure grouting pump for sale

high pressure grouting pump UAE

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