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Concrete spraying machine USA

2020-04-14 09:32:47

Concrete spraying machine for sale USA
The main advantages of dry Leadcrete concrete spraying machine for USA are long conveying distance, simple equipment and durable. However, because it mixes water with the outside of the dry mixing concrete nozzle, the construction dust and rebound are relatively large. The dust generated by the dry spray operation is harmful to the health of workers, especially in the small laneway project. Dust pollution is even more serious.

concrete spraying machine for sale USA

Since the 1960s, in the western developed countries, the wet spraying technology has been gradually implemented, and various wet concrete spraying flowers have also been developed. The so-called wet spraying, the basic principle is to add the finished concrete mixed with water to the wet spraying machine. It is conveyed to the nozzle, and after accelerating agent is added, a beam is formed and sprayed to the construction surface. We have many concrete spraying machine customers in USA and western developed countries.

USA concrete spraying machine

At present, in western countries, wet concrete spraying machines have gradually become the main spraying concrete working tools.

In China, due to various reasons, dry sprayers are still the main spraying equipment. However, with the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of the quality requirements of sprayed concrete, more and more wet concrete sprayers have been used.

USA concrete spraying machine application

In some large-scale water conservancy projects bidding internationally, such as Ertan Hydropower Station, the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Project, and the Three Gorges Project, all use wet concrete spraying operations. Most of the wet concrete sprayers currently used in China are equipment imported from abroad. In recent years. Some domestic units have also begun to develop several types of wet concrete jet machines, but the production scale still needs to be expanded.

concrete spraying machine from USA

To sum up, the main advantages of wet concrete spraying machines are:

(1) The dust concentration near the machine and outside the nozzle is greatly reduced, and the harm to workers' health is eliminated.
(2) High productivity. Dry concrete spraying machine generally does not exceed 5m3 / h. The use of wet concrete sprayer can reach 10m3 / h when manual operation; 20m3 / h when using robotic hand.
(3) Low rebound. When dry sprayed, the concrete rebound can reach 15% -50%. Using wet spray technology. The rebound rate can be reduced below 10%.
(4) During wet spraying, because the water-cement ratio is easy to control and the degree of concrete is not high, it can greatly improve the mouth quality of sprayed concrete and improve the homogeneity of concrete. When dry spraying, the water-cement ratio of the concrete The hand is adjusted according to experience and visual inspection. The quality of concrete depends to a large extent on the correctness of the operator's operation.

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