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Concrete spraying machine for retaining walls

2017-12-22 18:31:32

Concrete spraying machine are usually the best alternative for retaining walls and can be used as an ideal construction method for both reinforced and non-reinforced structures. Opportunities are endless from tanks and tanks to chemicals, cars, retaining walls and road structures.

Concrete spraying machine professionals must be able to combine new materials with on-site construction to form a composite that withstands exposure and use. The importance of materials lies in coordinating the work of qualified contractors, material suppliers, engineers and architects. When all these parts are in place, the special advantages of shotcrete technology can be achieved.

Concrete spraying machine for retaining application:

Concrete spraying machine for Bridges

Concrete spraying machine for Parking Garages

Concrete spraying machine for Dams & Reservoirs

Concrete spraying machine for Seismic Retrofit

Concrete spraying machine for Marine

Concrete spraying machine for Sewers

Concrete spraying machine for slope

Concrete spraying machine for retaining wall

Concrete spraying machines are the process of spraying concrete or mortar with a dry mix and / or wet mix. Most concrete pumps are dry mixtures. Today, shotcrete defines wet-mixed concrete pumping applications.

Other terms, such as shotcrete and pneumatic concrete, also describe the process of shotcrete.

The nozzle man uses a high speed pump to spray the mortar into the structure of rebar, wire mesh and fiber. Projects such as spraying swimming pools, mines and tunnels for soil stabilization and anchorage wall reinforcement are common.

Concrete spraying and various reinforcement and anchoring systems can effectively stabilize subterranean and rock excavations. It is advantageous to use shotcrete to stabilize the excavation of the soil compared to traditional wood and steel support technologies. Concrete sprayers are also ideal for tunneling and mining ground support. It provides early ground support after blasting or excavation; early strength development provides flexibility to stabilize and relieve stress on the ground; and provides the ability to conform to naturally irregular contours without templates, making it ideal for any tunnel select. Concrete spraying machine is also the preferred material / workmanship for underground stations, side drift, shops and provides long-term stability. It can be used as the ultimate or permanent lining of underground structures.

Concrete spraying machine for underground application

Concrete spraying machine for Stabilization

Concrete spraying machine for Soil Nailing

Concrete spraying machine for Tunneling

Concrete spraying machine for Mining 

Concrete spraying machine for tunnel

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