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Mini concrete pump using in construction

2020-02-10 17:57:42

Mini concrete pump using in construction

Mini concrete pump for sale is used to pump concrete, it has characteristics of small volume, tiny land occupation, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized project, if your construction site is very narrow and small, it will be your ideal choice. What’s more, mini concrete pumps for sale mainly have mini mix concrete pump and mini concrete pump sale, the latter means, it has no mixer, can’t mix concrete, just pump concrete.  For diesel type, you can choose it according to the electricity condition if electricity is insufficient, and electric voltage is low, you need to choose this diesel mini concrete  pump, while if your electricity condition of your construction site is good, you can choose mini electric concrete pump. As for trailer type mini concrete pump, it has a traction pin, which is convenient for you to change construction sites.

construction mini concrete pump

1. The power of the pump is very small, only 15kw. When there is no power supply, only a minimum generator is required to work.
2. It is a domestic mini concrete pump, which is the choice for many narrow construction environments.
The pump is lightweight and easy to move.
3. High pump configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long life.

concrete pump for construction

This mini concrete pump is special equipment for construction column pouring. The pump is light in weight, equipped with walking wheels, easy to move, unique in design, can be placed directly on the floor and poured on site, and is not restricted by the pumping height. Effectively solve the problem of difficult to high-quality pouring at the top near the low beam section during the pouring of the structural column. The secondary structural column pouring pump guarantees the flatness and the quality of the structural column. It is suitable for the transportation of fine stone concrete in super high-rise buildings. The construction pumping efficiency of group construction columns and secondary construction columns is high. The pumping system is several times that of manual construction, which effectively improves production efficiency and saves labor costs.

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