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Concrete Mixer Machine Used for Swimming Pool

2018-08-13 18:17:01

CM-D series concrete mixer machine can be used to mix plastic and semi-dry concrete material. The agitator drum is turning to stir, reversing the discharge, producing 10~14 cubic meters per hour. This portable concrete mixer is suitable for many construction sites, such as swimming pool, road, bridges, and small and medium sized concrete component factories without electricity.

For this diesel concrete mixer, we have 350L, 400L, 500L and 600L for option. Outstanding advantages of our cement concrete mixer:

The drum mixer has a novel structure and beautiful appearance;

High production efficiency, good mixing quality and light weight;

Gasoline/diesel type drum mixer for option;

Easy to move, simple to operate and small volume.

diesel concrete mixer

Meanwhile, compared with other cement mixer machine, the upper part’s thickness of our mixer’s drum is 3mm and the lower part thickness of the drum is 4mm. Secondly, our whole machine adopts spraying technology. In this way, machine's surface is more smooth, has new brightness and color can be kept for a long time. Moreover, our mixer's base uses the steel channel, thus the mixer will be more durable and strong. As far as I know, there are suppliers replace it by angle iron. So we should not compare the price only, product's quality is also pretty important, right?

Below are some matters needing attention:

1. Start the mixer first, then pour the material into it. Do not put your hands and sundries in the bucket when working;

2. When starting up, check if the mixer turns counterclockwise;

3. After the feed is stirred, do not turn off the mixer when the feed is to be discharged, and open the discharge port, it will automatically discharge.

cement concrete mixer machine

Any interest or need, welcome to contact us without any hesitation! 

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