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CLC concrete pump for sale

2020-02-12 15:32:33

CLC concrete pump for sale
CLC foam concrete pump is used to convey foam concrete and make foam concrete products. We can provide the CLC concrete pump, but you also need to know the construction of foam concrete.   

The density of foam concrete blocks is 200~1200kg/m3, 200~300kg/m3 is ultra-low density block, 400~500kg/m3 is low density block, 600~800kg/m3 is medium density block, 900~1200kg /m3 is a high density block.

Cast-in-place foam concrete made by CLC foam concrete pump is a new type of engineering field material developed in recent years; it has the characteristics of light weight, good fluidity, strong durability, low cost and simple construction. It is widely used in some special engineering parts, such as road expansion, tunnel construction, backfilling, special geological treatment. The effect is very obvious and the prospect is broad. 

The cast-in-place foam concrete is suitable for areas with large coastal land and river network distribution. It is especially suitable for the construction of deep complex soft soil foundations with weak structures and complex geology.

CLC concrete pump

Our CLC concrete pump is integrated one, putting foam generator, conveyor, mixer, foam concrete pump, control panel and wheels in one, very convenient to operate and move. And our diesel CLC concrete pump for sale can be used in the wild without power. 

foam agent

The type and performance of foam concrete foaming agents largely determine the function of foam concrete. With the development of foaming agents from aluminum powders to organic surfactants to proteins, the preparation technology and quality of foam concrete has also increased. 
If you want to get the CLC foam concrete pump and plant protein foam agent, we can provide. If you want to get more information about construction of foam concrete, please let us know freely.

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