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How to choose shotcrete accessories

2017-02-14 14:06:25

Shotcrete machine does not work when it fails, then only need to replace the accessories. If not a good maintenance, shotcrete machine accessories are very easy to damage, and affect the efficiency. How to choose shotcrete machine accessories:
First, steel rotor plate selection method.
In the choice of steel rotor plate at the same time, we must pay attention to the sealing of the upper and lower grinding plate, due to the use of wear faster, so the choice of steel rotor plate, we must pay attention Whether the product is made of high manganese steel or stainless steel, because both materials have high wear resistance.
Second, spray tube selection method.
The nozzle is an important pipeline to transport the slurry, its quality will reduce the quality of the loss of the slurry, but also improve the efficiency of an important component. However, in the choice, should be asked whether the spray tube is made of high wear-resistant synthetic rubber and nano-materials, and observe the sweep tube section to observe its inner and outer layer to see whether the use of steel wire reinforced and corrosion-resistant outer layer.
Third, the nozzle selection method.
In the choice of nozzle, polyurethane materials should be selected high wear-resistant nozzle, the general color is yellow transparent, and through the light can be observed outside the nozzle crystal translucent, but also note the flexibility of the nozzle.

shotcrete machine accessories

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