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China grouting unit manufacturers

2020-12-02 11:19:18

China grouting unit manufacturers

LEADCRETE is a professional grouting unit manufacturers and supplier. The high-pressure grouting unit for sale produced by LEADCRETE is a professional construction tool for chemical grouting and structural reinforcement of cracks, expansion joints, construction joints, and structural joints in various buildings and underground concrete wood. The pressure is large, and it can be constructed on the back of the water. It has a higher pressure than a hand pump, high efficiency and good quality.

grouting unit manufacturers

China grouting unit adopts the high-pressure pouring method to stop water and leak, which is a new type of leak-stopping agent. China grouting unit is a kind of bottom viscosity, single-component synthetic polymer polyurethane material, in the form of slurry, it has the characteristics of cross-linking reaction in contact with water and foaming to form a multi-element closed elastomer. 

grouting unit supplier

The grouting uni produced by LEADCRETE can be used for:
1. Leakage plugging of deformation joints, construction joints and structural cracks in buildings, subways, tunnels and other underground projects.
2. Crack plugging of bridge piers, dams, and hydropower stations, reinforcement of external walls of concrete structures.
3. Anti-seepage and plugging of various water towers, pools and basements.
4. Leakage stoppage in tunnel excavation and mine construction, and leakage stoppage in railways, tunnels and culverts.
5. Reinforcement of rupture zone and soft foundation. The waterproof plugging project adopts advanced construction combining "blocking, injection, sealing, and prevention" measures and "grouting and waterproof coating". Using advanced technology, coupled with the use of my products, you will be foolproof.
6. Structural cracks, small honeycombs, and secondary construction joints see water to stop leakage.
7. Small structural cracks, small honeycombs, and secondary construction joints for reinforcement.
8. Polyurethane foaming agent thermal insulation spraying, water seepage geological improvement. Such as underground railways, tunnels, continuous walls, structures, etc. seepage stop, and the geological improvement of the water gushing entrance of the basement wall.

grouting unit for sale

China grouting unit

LEADCRETE has many years of experience in customizing China grouting unit machinery for customers, and we will meet any requirements of your project for grout mixer and pump. If you have any questions or requirements about our grouting unit, please contact us in time. 

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