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Advantages of high quality grouting pump

2017-11-06 11:41:37

Micro-electric high-pressure grouting pump, body light, easy to carry; easy to operate, need special training can be used and maintenance; high pouring pressure, the liquid can be perfused to 0.1mm below the fine cracks, Lasting and effective. The design of the same speed double pump body, completely solve the problem of multi-component high pressure grouting in the past grouting field, which can meet the grouting demand in complex structure environment. And according to the actual construction needs of professional customers, we can customize professional fluid control system for different components, the ratio of flow control.

Advantages of high quality grouting pump is following:

1.  Environmental protection: good mechanical properties, no noise, no pollution.

2.  Portable: small size, light weight (body weight 8kg or so), easy to carry, easy to operate.

3.  Efficient: in a few seconds to reach 0-20Mpa working pressure. Grouting pump is advanced technology, save time, effort, high efficiency.

4.  Security: reliable technology, reasonable structure, the use of security.

5.  Double pump body structure, fluid controller, to meet the needs of multi-component or different ratio grouting.

6.  Structure of non-destructive: the concrete cracks directly to install grouting mouth for grouting, no tick, no pipe, the structure of non-destructive.

7.  With water plugging: a variety of gap leakage, honeycomb leakage, underground gushing water, can be directly with water grouting plugging. The slurry can be effectively injected into the depths of the cracks.

8.  Supporting a wide range of materials: polyurethane, epoxy resin, acrylic resin and other non-granular low viscosity slurry material can be used.

9.  Multi-function: a multi-purpose machine, plugging grouting, consolidation grouting, crack reinforcement grouting.

high quality grouting pump

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