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Wet mix shotcrete machine application advantage

Compared to dry mix shotcrete machine, wet mix shotcrete machine have more advantage, such as low rebound, low dust, having much higher strength.

For customers, low rebound can greatly save concrete materials; furthermore, it can give the customers more economic benefits. But for slope-protection, we recommend dry mix shotcrete machine for customers, which is more economic and efficient.
For slope-protection, if there are three words that we will describe what the geology engineering works are, it will be “Soil control and improvement”. Soil control refers to slope protection or stabilization.Others prefer to use the more graphic “erosion control”. These are the work or interventions that are done on a certain slope to prevent it from falling or sliding down (eroding).

wet mix shotcrete machine

Examples are the application of shotcrete or concrete spray to the surface of the slope, and when needed, the installation of soil reinforcement, like soil nail and anchors to hold it in place. In some cases, planting vegetation (bioengineering) and just reducing the angle of the slope are effective slope protection methods.

Soil improvement refers to the modification of the soil properties itself. Examples are the application of cement grout to the ground to improve its bearing capacity and allow the construction of a structure.
For some remote working site, it is not easy to get electric supply for customers, so they are willing to choose air motor and diesel engine shotcrete machine. Here the voltage is 380V, 50HZ, 3phase, for some different voltage customers, we could also customize required voltage motor for customers. Whichever shotcrete machine, all need suitable air compressor to provided compressed air. While for air motor drive, same model shotcrete machine will need much bigger air compressor.

wet mix shotcrete machine application

Because it doesn’t only need provide compressed air to deliver a certain proportion of the mixing material through the conveying hose, but also it need extra compressed air to drive air motor. 

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