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How to choose suitable foam concrete machine

Two conditions are necessary for a certified foam concrete machine: the foam should be uniform and stable; the moisture content should be as low as possible. Below factors should considered when choose foam concrete machine.

1. The capacity. Capacity means efficiency. The capacity of normal foam concrete machine is 10-30 m3/h. the capacity of our foam concrete mixing station is higher than 50 m3/h.  A higher capacity machine not only means improving efficiency, but also reduces the time of making foam, and reduces the breakage when mixing.

2. Utilization of foam agent. The better foam concrete machine, the higher utilization of foam agent. A higher utilization can reduce the dosage of foam agent, and then can reduce the cost of production. How to measure the utilization? Under the same condition, measure the density of foam, the lower of the density and moisture content, the higher utilization of foam agent

3. Stability of foam. The foam generated by our foam concrete machine is uniform, and the bubbles are independent of one another. The thicker of the wall of bubble, the higher stability of the foam.

4. Operation convenience. A good foam concrete machine should be very very easy to operate. It doesn’t need control the ratio of water and foam agent manual at all. Simple is best.

5. after sale service. What you buy not only a product, but also should include after sale service. Superior service and technical support is one kind of high value added. Superior service also means superior quality of product.

suitable foam concrete machine

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