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Peristaltic pump for high purity applications

Peristaltic pumps confine the media to the tubing, so that the pump cannot contact with the fluid and the fluid cannot contact with the pump. This contamination-free pumping makes peristaltic pumps particularly suitable for use in high purity applications, including the transfer or dosing of chemicals and additives in food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications.

Squeeze hose pumps are suitable for dispensing, metering and general transfer applications. Typically, peristaltic tubing pumps offer flow rates as low as 0.01 to 50 m3/h and are able to generate pressures up to 3Mpa (trelleborg hose).

In addition, as the media is confined to the tubing, a peristaltic pump offers easy maintenance and reduced downtime compared with other pumping technologies. Peristaltic pumps use flexible tubing to run through rollers in the pump head. As fluid goes through the pump head, packets of fluids are formed. Flow rate is determined by the size of the packets and the speed of the rollers turning. By controlling the size of the tubing and the speed of the pump head accurate metering of the media can be achieved. Very suitable for apply in labs, pilot plants and process applications, peristaltic pumps are available in various configurations, from low-cost fixed-speed pumps to advanced controlled models suitable for critical metering and dispensing applications. 

Peristaltic pump for sale

Squeeze hose pump

Peristaltic pump for high purity applications

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