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Made in China small concrete pump application

The main power of
small concrete pump is equipped with a 15kw three-phase 380v motor, the use of energy conversion to mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, and to promote the piston reciprocating work, because the two pistons alternately work, so the fine stone concrete pump completely solve. The pulse interval time is long, efficiency and other defects, material cylinder sucked into the material and into the S-type valve in the process of the two requirements with very precise, if the timing is not to be out of material, and S valve and eye plate with Is also very close, because this is to prevent the pressure of materials will be squeezed out from the gap, resulting in lack of pressure. So how can we solve this problem? We made a lot of improvements to this end, the use of ultra-high hardness of the alloy material as a seal ring, concrete pump application service life can be upgraded to more than 5 times the normal machine.

small concrete pump

The scope of application of
concrete pump: In construction, for horizontal and vertical transport of mortar; In the chemical sector and the paper industry, the transport of slurry raw materials and waste; in civil air defense projects, mining tunnel construction for grouting slope protection; in the road surface Maintenance, grouting for cement pavement collapse. In the prestressed component engineering, for the expansion of mortar injection, etc .; in water conservancy projects, used to reinforce the dam. In the metallurgical, steel and other industries used to maintain blast furnace and other equipment, slurry infusion and so on. 

concrete pump application

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