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How to make foam concrete?

As an experienced foam concrete making manufacturer, we have dedicated in this area for 10 years. To make the quality foam concrete, we need to follow these steps:

1. Equipment:

a. A set of foam concrete mold.

b. An electric foam concrete mixer.

c. A foaming machine.

d. An electronic weighing.

foam concrete making equipment

2. Materials:

Water, cement, foaming agent, soap water

3.Production steps:

(400Kg/m3 as an example)

1. Assemble the foam concrete mold and brush the mold carefully with soap water.

2. With foaming agent dilution solution, installation and debugging foaming machine, use the foaming machine to produce foams. If no foaming machine, we need to prepare the manual foaming device in advance.

foam making 

3. Weigh 1.75kg of water by electronic weighing.

4. Weigh 3.15kg of cement into the water, stir by the electric foam concrete mixer, and stir until it is viscous.

5. Inject the foam into the cement slurry and mix well.

6. Pouring, pouring the evenly foamed cement slurry into the mold, the surface is smoothed.

7. Curing, curing at 15℃ ~ 25℃ for 48 hours.

8. Demoulding, watering for two weeks.
If you want to fill the voids and trench, backfill the mine, floor leveling, roof heating, make cast-in-place projects,etc... You need not to pour the fluid foam concrete into the molds, just directly pour the foam concrete to work sites, it is more convenient for these projects.
If you want to make the cellular lightweight foam concrete blocks or bricks, you can use the foam concrete mold to shape the blocks, when the foam concrete is dry, demould the mold, and watering for two weeks, curing the foam concrete.
If you want to improve the working efficiency, you can use the cutting machine, it can cut the foam concrete into any sizes you want.

foam cutting machine

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