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Foam concrete makes your house warm in winter

It comes to the winter in China and it is really very cold especially in north China. How to spend this winter?  We think floor heating can bring you warm.

As a new heating of energy-efficient and comfortable, low-temperature hot water heating system of floor radiation is increasingly applied to a wide range of housing construction. In the future, about 60% of houses will adopt floor heating, and there will be huge market for building material of floor heating. Foam concrete is the best heat insulation material for floor heating. It made of water, foam agent, cement and other auxiliary materials.

As one kind of insulation material, foam concrete much has much more advantages:

1. Good performance of heating insulation. Thermal conductivity is under 0.20 W/(m.k).

2. High thermal resistance. Foam concrete can resist the temperature as high as 500 ℃. There is no thermal decomposition.

3. Environment-friendly, without toxic and harmless. It doesn’t contain any toxic component, and good to the indoor thermal environment.

4. Low cost. The cost of foam concrete for floor heating is 30-40% lower than Styrofoam.

5. Simple process and quick speed of construction.

6. Good performance of sound insulation.

Our LD10S all-in-one foam concrete machine is specially designed for floor heating and roof insulation. The maximum vertical transport height can reach to 70 meters, which can meet the requirement of most construction. 

LD10S foam concrete machine

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