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What is the cost efficiency of foam concrete


Foam concrete is a vast majority of concrete containing no large aggregates, only fine sand and with extremely lightweight materials containing cement, water and foam. It can be considered relatively homogeneous when compared to normal concrete, as it does not contain coarse aggregate phase. However, the properties of foamed concrete depend on the micro-structure and composition, which are influenced by the type of binder used, methods of pre-foamation and curing. The main advantage of foam concrete is its lightweight, which ensures economy of walls of the lower floors and foundations.

In conforming to the principle of equilibrium, the effective stress of the underlying soil remains unchanged from that existing prior to excavation and thus settlement of the construction is prevented.

Foam concrete allows saving big money as it can be applied directly on existing marginal ground such as peat or poor soils. Minimal lateral loading enables reduced building costs for earth retaining structures. Foam concrete allows construction on marginal ground reducing the need for piled foundations. High volume equipment with rapid installation reduces installed unit cost. Foam concrete requires lower maintenance costs due to the durability of foam concrete and lack of settlements.

The application of foam concrete can be a great time saver over conventional ground treatment methods for settlement free construction. No waiting period for consolidation of sub soils, eliminating the need for surcharging .No need for removal and replacement with large amounts of borrow soils. Removal of minimal amount of soil to be replaced with foam concrete. Reduce or eliminate the need for piling, sand drains, or grade beams.

Foam concrete blocks are lightweight, big sizes and high accuracy dimensions. It increases the construction speed for several times. Also it is easy to cut channels and holes for electrical wiring, sockets, and pipes.

Leadcrete not only a factory of

foam concrete machine, we can also supply most suitable solution for your construction. Besides CLC machine with different capacity, we also produce foam agent, block mould and other related equipment.

foam concrete machine

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