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What are the benefits of foamed concrete?

As foamed concrete does not settle, it does not need to be compacted. It is also free flowing and self levelling so it spreads to fill voids reducing the strain on manpower, enabling faster work.

This, combined with the fact that foamed concrete requires almost no maintenance once in place, makes it a highly cost effective material.

The set result is much lighter than concrete, so it does not crush anything beneath it on impose significant lateral loads, despite the fact it is sufficiently strong and durable enough for most applications where concrete would normally be used.

Our LD2000 foam concrete mixer machine can mix concrete evenly and greatly avoid the broken of foam. As a new type of cement mixing machine, LD2000 foam concrete mixer machine has high mixing speed, short mixing time, low foam losses and even mixing, which can ensure the high quality and productivity of foam concrete.

benefits of foam concrete mixer machine 

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