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The advantages of foam concrete

Foam concrete is the type of cellular concrete. Foam concrete is created by uniform distribution of air-cells through all weight of concrete. Unlike gas concrete, foam concrete come out not by means of chemical reactions, but by mechanical mixing of preliminary prepared foam with a the
concrete mix.

The advantages of foam concrete application in the construction industry.

1. Foam concrete has lower price in comparison with other building materials.

2. Foam concrete service life under normal operation conditions is unlimited. In the course of time foam concrete became just stronger.

3. The foam concrete weight is much less, than weight of standard heavy concretes. It leads to considerable economy in structure skeleton, the substructures, abutments or piles.

4. The foam concrete lightness, bigger dimensions of blocks in comparison with the brick allow to increase the speed of a laying in several times and consequently to reduce expenses for building.

5. Foam concrete has good durability along with high isolation characteristics.

Our hot sale machines for making CLC blocks include: LD2000 foam concrete mixer, LH76 foam concrete pump, manual molds. If want to improve efficiency, could use wire cutting machine.

    foam concrete mixer

foam concrete machine

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