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Why we choose to use LH series industrial hose pump?

2015-10-22 14:48:44

There are the reasons why people like to choose to use LEC industrial peristaltic pump:

Firstly, the importance of proper application:

LH series industrial hose pumps are applied in mining, food, papermaking, ceramic, distant conveying, dosing of viscous slurries in construction and grouting , etc.

LEC industrial peristaltic pumps can be used in following area: Construction, ceramic, pharmacy, mining, textile mill, dye making, brewery , paper making ,water treatment, and beverage, underground engineering, etc.

LEC industrial peristaltic pump are perfect to pump abrasives, shear sensitive fluids, corrosive, high viscosity fluids, large solids, metering(±1%), high pressure(3Mpa), high density fluids.

Secondly, the features of LH series industrial hose pump:
1.No valves.

2.Able to pump products with solid parts inside.

3.Self –priming , only tube to replace.

4.Easy maintenance, low-cost, short down time.

5.Dry–running without damage, Reversible.

6.No contact between product and mechanical parts.

7.No seals.

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