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The different advantages of dry and wet shotcrete machine

2014-08-14 17:34:36

The main advantages of dry shotcrete machine:
The main advantages of dry concrete spraying machine are long transmission distance, simple equipment, durable. But because the dry concrete mixing nozzle is mixed with water, the construction dust and rebound are larger, which is harmful for stem workers, especially in small windows of tunnel project, dust pollution is more serious.
The main advantages of wet shotcrete machine:
1. It can greatly reduce the dust concentration near the machine and outside the nozzle, which eliminates the harm to the healthy of workers.
2. High productivity. Dry concrete spraying machine is generally not more than 9m ³ /h. While the use of wet concrete pump, artificial operation up to 10m ³ /h; the manipulator, up to 30m ³ /h.
3. The rebound degree is low. Concrete rebound of dry shotcrete up to 15%-50%, while rebound rate of wet shotcrete machine can be reduced to below 10%.

If you have any questions or needs about our wet or dry shotcrete machine, please tell us without any hesitation. We will recommend suitable type and offer the good price according to your requirements, of course, we have technical department, we can customized wet and dry shotcrete machine for you. Contact us now for dry and wet shotcrete machine.

advantages of dry shotcrete machine

advantages of wet shotcrete machine

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