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The aim of the cement-inject

2015-10-30 18:57:04

Injecting also was known as grouting or jet in hydropower etc. projects. Grouting is using pressure to make could consolidated slurry inject geotechnical cracks or cracks in the building by boring to increase its physical mechanics performance.

The main aims of grouting as below:

1. Anti-seepage: reduce the permeability of rock and soil, eliminate or reduce the osmotic quantity under water, reduce the engineering stress and pore water pressure, Improve the ability of rock and soil resistance seepage deformation. Such as engineering dam, abutment and dam grouting anti-seepage treatment.

2. Water shutoff: truncation water flow, improve engineering construction and operation condition. Such as water leaking of leaking for well wall and other underground engineering.

3. Concretion: to improve soil or the mechanical properties of structure, recovery its integrity.

4. Hillside support: improving geotechnical slope sliding resistance.

5. To reduce surface subsidence: reduce or homogenize the compressibility of rock and soil, improve its inhomogeneity.

6. Foundation reinforcement: increase the strength of the geotechnical mechanics.

7.  Backfilling: filling hollow structure, rock and soil mass crack, prevent collapse, improve the mechanical condition of structure


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