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Problems and Solutions of Using Shotcrete Machine

2016-06-06 16:02:34

Shotcrete machine in use will encounter a variety of different issues, problems frequently encountered are:

Q1: Shotcrete machine production capacity is reduced.

A1: In most cases is manifold valve spraying machines installed wrong or pressing too much spraying machine, the solution is to reduce the pressure loss, add useful pressure, there is a situation shotcrete the hopper is not full, so would require frequent spraying machine so that the hopper is full, and enhanced vibration resistance.

Q2: Shotcrete machine seal plate between the rotor body and leakage.

A2: The first case is the pressing device spraying machine is too loose, so we must always check the device to intensify spraying machine, clamping and sealing plate before clearing material between the rotors, the second case is a rotating machine shotcrete lining scratch, check spraying machine rotating liner, if it has a groove, reground or replaced, if necessary, the third case is shaking hose assembly defects, the solution is to re-assemble, note O-ring. 

shotcrete machine problems

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