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Shotcrete machine rotor body, discharge elbow or conveying pipe clogging solution

2016-06-30 18:24:50

Using shotcrete machine greatly improved the efficiency of our work of construction, but due to the nature of the decision of the shotcrete machine use a long time, there will always be some small problem, affect the progress of construction. So what problems will arise shotcrete machine in the course of it? What is the solution?

When using shotcrete machine, if the rotor body, discharge elbow or conveying pipe is clogged, the control exclude resolved in accordance with the following method.

1.The aggregate particle size is too large, or because the material blocking the rotor material body cavity or discharge elbow diameter decreases

Clogging, should stop turning the machine, shut the valve, after removing from the cyclone feed lines (Note: Before you open the line to make the conveying pipe pressure drops to 0), then open the pneumatic valve , the feed rotor body cavity holding material blown out, and then check the conveying pipe, struck with a wooden stick clogging parts, vibration or loose plugs emptied. Finally, the delivery tube then received elbow, blowing with compressed air. If the transmission distance of more than 40m, should be dealt with separately each line.

2. Mixing materials excessive moisture

Stop the machine rotates the valve closed path, if the discharge elbow blockage, should open the pipe, clean-up elbow and the rotor body cavity material, to reduce the mix to cement ratio.

3. The conveying gas flow is too small

Stop the machine rotates close pneumatic valves, if the rotor body cavity material clogging the intake pipe should open seat and open the hopper, remove the rotor body with a brush to clean the rotor body cavities and other materials.

4. The intake pipe section is too small, a small amount of gas compressor

Replacing the large cross section tube, for large-capacity air compressor

5. The pneumatic valve damage

Replace the valve

6. The delivery pressure is too low, the gas is too small

Check the amount of gas, barometric pressure 

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