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Shotcrete machine construction preparation

2016-10-14 15:02:31

Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of shotcrete machine. Today, we will explain under the shotcrete machine in the pre-construction work, so as not to use because of operational problems caused by unnecessary harm.

Shotcrete machine preparation before the construction work are:

1.  Shotcrete machine before spraying, first deal with the net bag, anchor loose, anchor plate is not attached rock face, the net bag cut open after the gangue, re-network will be good.

2.  Shotcrete machine to use high-pressure feng shui before spraying by the spray surface, to ensure that the concrete material by the spray surface with a tight surface.

3.  Shotcrete machine spraying, it is necessary to master the spray angle and jet distance, nozzle vertical rock surface.

4.  The general order of injection from bottom to top, from back to front, first fill the concave pit after leveling the normal operation, do a one-time spray in the end.

5.  Shotcrete machine spraying work should be strictly in accordance with the "three in the end, a cable, four no" requirements.

6.  Shotcrete machine before the start, to the machine a large piece of waste rock, debris out, to prevent blocking.

7.  Shotcrete machine operation sequence:

Boot: open water --- open air ---power transmission --- feeding --- spray.

Stop: stop feeding --- blackout --- no wind --- no water.

8.  Shotcrete machine air supply, be sure to fix the nozzle, to prevent the nozzle swing wounding.

9.  Shotcrete machine before spraying, a variety of high-pressure feng shui pipe must be connected firmly, and 10 # wire connected together to protect the connection, to prevent disconnection wounding.

10.  Shotcrete machine must be used when spraying water curtain, spices under the location of spices, shotcrete location back to the wind at the installation of a water curtain.

11.  The implementation of tidal material spray: Spraying slurry to join the right amount of water, so that the material out of the hand into a group, loose loose, mouth blown ash.

12.  When spraying must wear dust masks, dust-free facilities shall not be started, the face of a variety of dust-proof facilities to be sensitive and reliable.

13.  Shotcrete machine spray construction must be someone to carry out safety supervision.

14.  Before spraying the roadway to find the size of spray enough to carry out the cable shotcrete, sprayed to ensure the net size of the roadway, dense non-slip network, leakage tendons, smoothness to meet the requirements of the net size of the roadway designed to meet the requirements.

15.  To deal with the size of the roadway is not enough to have a reliable place to support a place to deal with the scope of not more than 1 square meters.

16.  It is prohibited from any part of the body into the shotcrete machine feeding port treatment plug.

17.  Deal with spray pipe clogging, must slowly increase the wind pressure, and is strictly prohibited nozzle at the staff.

18.  The construction must be good personal protection.

19.  After the end of the shotcrete work, to cut the wall of the foot with a hand-ho, the bulge parts of the flattened, clear pipeline equipment on the elastic material.

20.  Spraying support after the required time sprinkler conservation, conservation time of not less than 7 days.

21.  Height greater than 3 meters of the roadway should take the table to keep the spray nozzle from the spray surface from 0.8-1.0 meters.

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