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Shortcrete machine suppliers for Turkey

2016-08-02 20:11:31

July,30th. 2016, our regular customer in Turkey bought 2 sets LZ-5 Dry-mix shotcrete machine with air drive and some accessories. We have been cooperating with each other for 4 years, and every year they buy lots of shotcrete machines and spare parts from our factory, and speak highly of our machines.

LZ Series dry shotcrete machine have diesel engine (LZ-3D, LZ-5D, LZ-9D), electric motor (LZ-3E, LZ-5E, LZ-9E) and pneumatic motor (LZ-3A, LZ-5A , LZ-9A) etc.

Dry shotcrete machine can be used for dry or half wet concrete spray construction in the tunnel, culvert, subway, slope reinforcement, hydroelectric works, underground works and high-methane laneway of coal mine etc.

LZ Series dry shotcrete machine are consisted of driving device, rotor assembly, air system, concrete spraying system, electric control box etc. LZ Series dry shotcrete machine have advanced technology, rational structure, convenient operation, stable performance and long service life.

You are welcome to tell us your project, required output and pressure, then suitable design will be offered by our professional engineers. Email:

shortcrete machine suppliers Turkey


shortcrete machine manufacturers Turkey






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