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OEM refractory gunite machine for sale

2016-06-12 18:14:16

OEM refractory gunite machine is the use of compressed air to a certain ratio of refractory material is ejected at high speed, sprayed fire-resistant layer is formed on the spray surface. Its ejection construction speed, high efficiency, good quality of the project and other significant advantages are widely used, mainly for: industrial furnaces heat resistant layer of gunning operations.

OEM refractory guniting machine have the below features:

1. Refractory guniting machine with a stirring, transport, injection function.

2. Good quality concreting, high construction speed, labor-saving.

3.The gunning of metallurgical and industrial furnaces, widely used in steel mills.

4. Refractory guniting machine is the styling products, good quality, durable and consumable rotating plate, PCB, gun and other accessories stocked. 

refractory gunite machine

refractory mixer

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