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Operating manual for Chinese shotcrete machine

2017-07-03 17:29:12

Read the operating manual for Chinese shotcrete machine, only the correct master operating procedures, to ensure work safety.

1. Before starting to prepare

(1)  Check the reducer and accelerator pump oil, enough and timely supplement of oil (reducer motor oil, add 30 accelerator pump plus glycerine).
(2)  Check the electric control system of wire line head connection is strong, for the ground, paying special attention to after a long transporting equipment check more carefully.
(3)  Connected to the power supply, check whether the power and voltage meets the requirements.
(4)  Through a variety of piping, place, do not have a sharp curve.

2. Commissioning Chinese shotcrete machine

(1)  To start the host: whether to daughter rotation direction with the arrow, respectively valve to open the upper hand and lee road, watch the nozzle is normal, if not out of the wind or the wind is small, should check whether there is in the pipeline blocking phenomenon.
(2)  In the early pressure regulating mechanism: open the host, open the upper hand valves, with the hand to tighten the three compaction mechanism, and then use 2 laps around on the ratchet wrench, until no air leakage between sealing plate and steel plate.
(3)  Accelerating the adjustment of the pressure and flow rate.

a. Adjustable pressure for the first time to use this machine, accelerating pressure set again, its method is closed, flow control valve housing cover, an integrated block on pump bracket, integrated block is equipped with a special pressure gauge and pressure gauge switch (first to debug the best in the liquid storage box with a small amount of water, the pressure set and then put the water off).Start the accelerator pump, observe whether there is a pressure gauge. If there is no pressure or low pressure, the available wrench screw dynamic pressure regulating screw, small up the clockwise and counterclockwise, pressure is 0.6 MPa to 0.7 MPa pressure range set, and on the tight pressure regulating screw cap, close the pressure gauge switch, surge to an end.
b. Traffic flow volume are realized by adjusting the flow control valve, the clockwise rotation is down, counterclockwise is large, adjust the rotation must slow, avoid flow impact, damage to the instrument (pressure rating of the flowmeter is 1 mpa. Maximum through flow is 160 l/h.)Flowmeter calibration on the glass tube is "l/h" not the measuring unit, each a small blog "4 liters/hour". Due to the structure characteristics of the accelerator pump, the fluid flow are volatile, therefore, flow meter glass tube instructions float to float, but does not affect the measurement more accurate readings of desirable float floats. In addition, due to the volatility in the flow, in just minutes, boot flow showed a slow decline phenomenon, therefore, operators need to pay attention to timely adjust.

3. The formal operation of Chinese shotcrete machine

(1) Open accelerator pressure wind valve, at the same time start the accelerator pump, until the accelerator from the nozzle with the wind.
(2) Began spewing homework: the upper hand way valve is opened entirely, lee road open valve two-thirds, wind pressure to about 0.2 MPa, start the main motor and vibration motors at the same time, to the hopper and feeding.
(3)  According to the operation situation timely adjust the compaction mechanism and wind pressure.

China shotcrete machine

4.  Job ends
(1)  Stop charging, when nozzle without material overflowing, immediately shut off the accelerator pump and motor vibration.
(2)  To the hopper add water, flush the cavity and the line, spewing water from the shower nozzle.
(3)  Emit accelerator in the rest of the accelerator, after it finished, restart the accelerator pump 1 to 2 minutes, the tube residual accelerator blown away, if the machine is temporarily disabled, should be in the water flushing conveying system in the cabinet.
(4)  Close the main motor and lee road on the valve, loosen the clamping mechanism, dial to the vibration motor plug, flip bucket seats, check all kinds of wear parts, remove the mixture of bonding material in the cavity.

5. China shotcrete machine maintenance and maintenance
1. After the operation, the machine must be removed, check each part of fasteners, especially the bolts on vibration hopper, welding joint, handle in time when problems found.
2. The inside of the machine cavity, cyclone elbow. Taper sleeve, although has certain viscosity, per shift after the operation, should still check clearing, timely replacement of wearing parts.
3. Sealing plate and rotor steel lining plate is a major part of the relationship between machine dust and air leakage must use and maintain good, to adjust the three pressure when working, on the compaction force of basic balance, after the operation to check the wear condition, clean, if air leakage is serious, the plate groove can't repair, should replace the new one.
4. Check reducer and accelerator pump oil, oil supplements .Reducer of the air holes to keep smooth, prevent clogging motor oil pollution.
5.  Accelerating conveying system at the end of the assignment should also pay attention to maintenance and maintenance.

(1) Often check the abrasion of extruded tube (tube extrusion parts), such as discovery accelerator declined obviously, should first check the extrusion tube, timely replacement.
(2)  If the extruded tube rupture, accelerating liquid seeping into the pipe body, except in extrusion tube, still should replace all lubrication glycerin.

(3)  The accelerator pump cycloidal reducer, factory add is molybdenum sulfide grease, use after six months, should be put in a small amount of 30 oil injection speed reducer.
(4)  Flow plate gauge glass tube if dirty, wash immediately removed (fragile when cleaning should pay attention to).
(5)  Keep clean around accelerator conveying system, pipeline leak in timely processing, to prevent corrosion.

6. Chinese shotcrete machine matters needing attention

1. Jet operations, machine operators watch liquid accelerator tank liquid level gauge and pressure gauge, timely add hardener (if there is a corrosive accelerator, specific operation personnel best wear labor protection articles before operation, one thousand splashed on the skin should wash as soon as possible, lest cause skin burns.)
2. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to use the metal bar to clean the hopper, avoid accidentally fell into the material will be hard objects cavities caused by mechanical and electrical accidents.

3. When the water washing machine, pay attention to the protection of the electrical appliances, never spilled the water on electrical appliances, lest make appliance be affected with damp be affected with damp cause short circuit.
4. Homework after work, the rest of the accelerating agents should be put out, lest cause precipitation. Every 3 to 5 days wash accelerator cases at a time.
5. Homework once stuck pipe should be quickly closed the valve, downtime, when removing pipe, tube to air pressure to zero before operation. Must be before

6. Hopper flip vibration motor to pull the plug, loosen the upper road hose connection nut.

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