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Features and Advantages of Mine Shotcret Machine

2017-02-27 13:29:46

Mine shotcrete equipment is widely used in engineering construction, mining, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground engineering and coal mine marsh roadway shotcrete construction operations; Various types of industrial furnaces, lining refractory spray molding or repair; All kinds of slope protection green construction, soil transport and spraying. Shotcrete machine can be used for wet spray, can also be used for dry spray and all kinds of fiber jet operations. Its main features and advantages are:

1. Shotcrete machine with a new type of straight-through non-stick material cavity, swirl elbow structure, completely eliminate the material bonding and blocking, reduce downtime and maintenance time, smooth discharge, efficient and time-saving.

2. Shotcrete four-point elastic compression structure, solid and stable, good sealing; single-point elastic compression structure for the modified products, scientific and simple, can always maintain a reasonable compression force, reduce machine dust, and disassembly and maintenance Convenient, wearing parts long life.

3. Low-pressure low-speed vortex air transport, to overcome the wet material transport in the deposition of blocking pipe and pulse, segregation and other issues, to ensure uniform and continuous jet stream.

4. Shotcrete new nozzle, the material elbow device to improve the spraying effect, less rebound, spray high quality.

5. The key vulnerable parts, a strict production process to ensure good quality, long life

6. The ground wheel is divided into two kinds of iron and rubber tire. Gauge is divided into 600,762,900. The motor is divided into explosion-proof and non-explosion. So it can meet the needs of various construction conditions.

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