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Best hydroseeder machine for highway green

2016-10-26 15:37:22

Hydroseeder machine involves in planting permanent vegetation, spraying slurry, slope protection, highway green, grass and erosion prevention. 

Our hydroseeder for highway green have the following advantages:

1. Beautiful looks, compact structure with moderate price.

2. Stable and reliable. Electric start diesel engine operation, it is simple to operate.
3. It is safe and convenient to operate. Best hydroseeder is equipped with a full-featured operation panel, upper fence to ensure operators and other staff of the security. Also worktable can stock goods temporary.
4. It adopts mechanical stirrer and circulation jet agitation double agitating to ensure the mixture is in the state of complete suspension in the process of spraying. And the mixed raw material can be sprayed uniformly at one time.
5. The power of the hydroseeder machine is strong. The head can reach to 45m or more. And it is equipped with various kinds of guns. It can extend the working range of 30-50m. Fan-shaped nozzle can be used for short rang spraying. Spraying like fog so as to meet the needs of different spray.
6. Best hydroseeder machine is widely used in following areas: spray planting grass, trees, flowers, seeds, etc., can also be used to spray irrigation, fertilizer, pesticide etc. daily nursing and soil improvement.

As a professional hydroseeding machine supplier, we offer full series hydroseeder: PB series for a mixed media of cellulose fiber, seed, fertilizer and water; LKP series hydroseeder for soil.

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