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The relationship between the life of the hose pump and the pump speed

2016-12-12 15:59:21

Hose pump is a very practical tool, in many industries which have been applied, but for users, they have to buy and choose the pump above there is still a lot of do not understand, Belle Band You know how to make and manufacture hose pumps so that users can choose the right product for their own use.


1. The design of the shoe (the shoe type hose pump), the hose in the pump cavity into a U shape or bow shape; two or more of the shoe (slider) is fixed to the wheel ), The hose is compressed in a sliding manner. The runner compresses the hose 2 or more times per revolution (depending on the number of shoes). This sliding compression method, the damage to the hose is particularly large, such as high-speed vehicles suddenly brakes to sliding way forward on the tire and road damage can be imagined. Because of the large amount of frictional heat generated, approximately half of the pump chamber is filled with lubricant to ensure normal operation. On the one hand, in order to reduce the coefficient of friction, the main purpose is to transfer the generated frictional heat to the pump body to discharge the pump, Of the normal operation. This shoe design has a great limit on pump speed. For example, a 2-inch pump can only 40-50 r / min speed of continuous work, running a little higher speed for some time, had to stop the pump cooling. This design of the hose pump to be a larger starting torque and operating torque, need to match more power motor, which means greater energy consumption. But the advantage is that you can achieve a higher outlet pressure (up to 1.6Mpa).


2. Based on the design of the shoe, the shoe will be changed to small diameter roller (multi-pressure roller hose pump). When the arm is rotated for one week, the pressure roller also compresses the hose twice or more (depending on the number of rollers). This roller reduces the damage to the hose and produces much less friction heat compared to the shoe design; extends the hose life by up to 20 percent (in revolutions). A corresponding reduction in starting torque and operating torque, reducing energy consumption. But still per second or more than two times the number of compression and friction heat still limits the speed. A two-inch pump under high pressure, the maximum can only be 40 to 50 r / min continuous operation.


The combination of the above two design methods, although the lower the pump speed to extend the life of the more favorable hose, but low speed limit the flow. Making the user to obtain the appropriate traffic had to choose a larger size, but also means that a larger area.

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