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High-pressure grouting pump plugging

2017-11-10 11:45:31

High-pressure grouting pump plugging is the use of mechanical high-pressure power, the water-soluble polyurethane chemical grouting material injected into concrete cracks, when the slurry encountered concrete cracks in the water will be rapidly dispersed, emulsified, expanded, consolidated, so consolidated elastomer Fill all cracks in concrete, the water flow completely blocked outside the concrete structure, in order to achieve the purpose of sealing plugging. High-pressure grouting plugging technology is the international advanced level of high pressure airless infusion waterproofing technology, water-soluble grouting materials in developed countries is the use of new technology.

 (1) Construction process: to determine the leakage point → clear the leakage base surface → drilling → cleaning → installation grouting nozzle → high pressure perfusion foaming slurry → observation → trap leakage → demolition slurry nozzle → slot repair → check → complete trap.

 (2) Construction requirements:

    1. Check: carefully check the leaking parts, clean up the leakage near the dirt to prepare for filling.

    2. Cloth hole: playing in the water leakage grouting holes, cracks can be drilled oblique hole through the seam, the general hole spacing of 10cm-20cm.

    3. Buried mouth sealed: buried grouting mouth, closed with quick-drying cement.

    4. Grouting: According to the specific circumstances of the leakage site to determine the grouting pressure, grouting volume. Plug the water-soluble polyurethane into the crack with plugging pump, move to the adjacent hole when there is pure slurry in the whole adjacent hole, and grout it under the specified pressure until the pressure does not enter (injection rate≤0.01L/min) Then close the valve. (General grouting pressure is 0.3Mpa).

    5. 72 hours after the leak site inspection seepage, no seepage grout nozzle removed, with quick-drying cement to the base surface closed, smoothing. 

High-pressure grouting pump

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