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Grout pump with mixer in one for post tensioning works

2021-01-29 10:33:02

Grout pump with mixer in one for post tensioning works

The grouting pump uses compressed oil or compressed air as the power source, and the oil cylinder or the cylinder and the grouting cylinder have a larger area ratio, so that the cylinder can produce a higher injection pressure with a smaller pressure. Grout plant, also known as grout station, grout mixer pump or grout equipment, it is a combination of mixer, agitator and grout pump in one plant. The special mixing effect of cement or bentonite with water is archived in mixer by a high turbulence created in the pump casing. This turbulence with its high shear forces separates the cement or bentonite particles which results in a fully hydrated suspension.

grout pump with mixer in one

LGP400/80PL-E grout pump with mixer in one is a combination of mixer and grout pump in one base frame. It is mainly used to be made bentonite slurry, cement slurry, etc., in the application highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other ground and underground construction. High speed vortex mixer ensures mix quickly and evenly. Water, cement or bentonite is quickly mixed into a homogeneous slurry. Then the grout pump injects from the mixer drum. This ensures a continuous mixing and grouting operations. The grouting plant is driven by an electric motor. Grouting pressure and displacement is adjustable. Compact size and it is easy to operate. It also takes up a small space.

grout pump with mixer for post tensioning works

The grout pump with mixer for post tensioning works has advanced structure, high rated output pressure, large displacement, high efficiency, easy to move, easy to use and maintain; full-featured, it can inject single-component slurry or two-component slurry; it can inject chemical slurry or Can be injected with other slurries such as cement; each cylinder works synchronously, the mixing ratio can be adjusted, and the mixing is uniform; and it can be used as an emulsion pump, hydraulic pump, etc., for other occasions; it has good safety and is inflammable, explosive, temperature, It can be used safely in places with large humidity changes; the parameters can be adjusted according to the different needs of customers. Meet the special requirements of different pressures, flow rates and different conveying media.

grout pump for post tensioning works

The grout pump with mixer in one is the key equipment in the grouting construction. The performance and quality of the grouting pump play a decisive role in the safety, quality and efficiency of the grouting project. If the choice of grouting pump is blind and arbitrary, it may cost a greater price and fail to achieve the expected results, or even cause engineering accidents. It should be taken as a warning and improved scientifically.

grout equipment in one for post tensioning works

The grout equipment in one for post tensioning works produced by Lead Company has the advantages of low energy consumption, low vibration, low noise, small size, high efficiency, stable and reliable performance, convenient pressure and flow adjustment, and long service life. The maximum pressure of the pump can be set; unnecessary losses during the grouting process can be avoided; the grouting method is to hydraulically press the grout into the cracks of the rock or soil layer and fill it up and compact, and new cracks will be punched out during the grouting process As a result, frequent changes in grouting pressure are formed, and sometimes the grouting pressure will change drastically and drastically. The characteristics of this working condition determine the expected performance of the grouting pump.

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