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Grout mixer for sale to American customers

2017-05-19 17:36:40

Many industrial applications require suspensions, dispersions, slurries and pasty products with widely varying product properties. Such as tunnel construction -- injections for reinforcing and sealing the ground, pipe screen injections, mortar back-filling injections, cotact injections.

High quality grout mixers for sale

Leadcrete offers grout mixer and agitator with volume from 300L to 1000L. Recently LMA300-650D grout mixer and agitator without diesel engine was delivery to American customers.

American grout mixer


grout mixer in USA


grout mixer to American customers

Grout mixer in USA has special request for the diesel engine. The diesel engine we normally use is Changchai or Changfa. Wear parts is not easily get in local place. So we just offer the main machine and customer order a matched gasoline engine in local site for working.

American grout mixer with mixer volume 300L and agitator volume 650L, high shear mixers (colloidal mixers) is used for Cement, ultra-fine Cement, Bentonite and other admixtures. 

For more information about grout mixer to American customers, please email us:

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