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dry gunite machine for sale to Ontario

2016-11-02 17:39:15

On 28 Oct., 3 sets of dry gunite machines were transported to Ontario, California, USA.
Considering that the LZ series dry gunite shotcrete machine is new designed dust removal shotcrete machine, technical personnel and after-sales manager to work with the technology with the help of the machine.Construction company as a model to implement environmental protection construction, the party's construction to invite many local construction workers to concrete spraying test.
In the spray test, LZ shotcrete machine shows a higher efficiency and stability of the spraying effect. Compared with common dry shotcrete machine, no dust produced by the machine, and noise is much lower than before operation.

After the trail, many workers came to consult the LZ dedusting shotcrete machine, and many claimed that they would replace their traditional shotcrete machines by this new developed shotcrete machine in response to a government call.
The trail demonstration successfully appealed the worker’s interest in dedusting shotcrete machine and drew their attentions to personal health and environmental protection.
The demonstration of  trail attracts the interest of workers dusting spray machines successfully, and attract their attention to personal hygiene and environmental protection.
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gunite machine in Ontario

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