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How to control hazard when using shotcrete machine

2016-06-17 10:54:44

As we all know, shotcrete machine has an irreplaceable role in bolting and shotcreting in. Since the shotcrete machine four elastic clamping structure, solid and stable, good sealing; a single point of elastic pressing reshaping the structure of products, simple science, can always maintain a reasonable compression force, reducing machine next to the dust, and easy maintenance disassembly , the vulnerability of long life, etc., are widely used in construction, mining, tunnel, culvert construction work and other places. In construction operations inevitably will encounter a variety of unexpected situations, we must first protect their own safety, today to talk about the shotcrete machine when using the hazard control:

First, the aspect of electric shock:

1. shotcrete machine explosion in good condition;

2. shotcrete machine load suspension cables and feeling good;

3. shotcrete machine explosion-proof switch in good condition;

4. after spraying is finished switch power failure, prevention of unexpected start;

5. shotcrete machine install location (tricking impact).

Second, the transport:

1. shotcrete machine and safe distance from the track;

2. the safety distance between people (to prevent accidental collision, accidental injury) on the manner in which the use of shotcrete feeding, automatic feeding or artificial feeding ? Material on the ground or in the mine car ? Oblique lane drift transportation or transportation?

3. shotcrete machine fixed way.

Third, the water supply for the wind:

1. wind, water pipe joints banding is reliable;

2. notes with wind pressure spray tube when?

3. good condition spray tube, anti-burst problem;

4. spray pipe requirements (diameter, material, wall thickness, etc.).

Fourth, spraying areas:

1. the top wall rock;

2. supporting the case;

3. surface and spray from the spray pipe, anti-rebound wounding;

4. spraying material requirements (gravel particle size is too easy to blast tube plugging, tidal spray material, the amount of accelerator meet the requirements, etc.);

5. hand spray can‘t be around someone within 2 meters;

6. feeding station and the contacts between the hand spray;

7. precautions when cleaning shotcrete machine. 

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