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0.5 Cube Meters Concrete UHPC Planetary Mixer

2023-12-01 17:24:57

0.5 Cube Meters Concrete UHPC Planetary Mixer uses planetary concrete to form highly homogeneous mixing. Under the force of the mixer's mixing shaft rotation and revolution, the mixing speed is accelerated, achieving short-time, highly homogeneous mixing of uhpc. , has achieved an improvement in the level of automation and intelligence in the industry, and has largely realized the transformation and upgrading of uhpc ultra-high performance concrete mixers.

0.5 Cube Meters Concrete UHPC Planetary Mixer

The mixing blades of the 0.5 Cube Meters Concrete Planetary Mixer can change the angle, which is more suitable for mixing uhpc materials. The uhpc mixer is suitable for mixing various types of materials. It adopts a fine transmission system and blades to improve the mixing uniformity of the materials and make it more efficient. It reflects the quality and efficiency of the product and is highly praised by industry users.

0.5 Cube Meters UHPC Mixer

UHPC Planetary Mixer is the most widely used concrete mixer in the industry. It has a vertical appearance and compact internal structure. It can be designed and configured according to user needs. There are many models. The planetary type operation is stable in the uhpc industry. The technical configuration is mature during the mixing process, and there will be no mixing. It solves problems such as agglomeration and material leakage, satisfies the dispersion of ultra-high performance concrete materials, and achieves high homogeneity of material mixing.

0.5 Cube Meters UHPC Planetary Mixer

0.5 Cube Meters Concrete Planetary Mixer

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