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LGM50/80PLD-E Double-Plunger Hydraulic Grout Pump

  • Rated Output: 0-80L/Min
  • Rated Pressure: 0-50Bar
  • W/C ratio: ≥0.5:1
  • Plunger Dia.: 85mm
  • Stroke: 190mm
  • Max. particle size: 8mm

  • double plunger hydraulic grout pump
  • medium pressure hydraulic grouting pump
  • medium pressure grouting pump
  • hydraulic grouting pump
  • plunger hydraulic grout pump
  • Double-Plunger Hydraulic Grouting Pump
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Xisihuan Ring-Road East, Tielu, Xiliu Lake sub-district, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan China


LGM50/80PLD-E Double-Plunger hydraulic Grout Pump is designed with two low-wear plunger pump.
With the features of double acting, ball valves, low pressure surge, variable pressure and flow. 


LGM50/80PLD-E medium pressure hydraulic grouting pump is suitable for all grouting work, up to
8mm particle size , such as, for the pumping of backfill mortar behind tunnel liners, grouting in soil,
earth foundation stabilization, waterproofing, tunnel lining, underwater foundations, bridge decks,
deep well casing, slope line grouting, etc.


Ball valve;

★ Hydraulic drive

    Safely releasing pressure when pumping block;

★ Double Plungers and acting;

★ Vertical type pump with compact size;

★ Up to 8mm particle size ;

★ Low wear plunger system;

★ Low flow pressure surge system;

★ The Plunger Pump System
    Comparing with the piston pump system, the plunger system does not require any close tolerance
    parts such as cylinders or precise piston seals, etc. The plunger is sealed by a simple
    maintenance-free seal.


■Product Details
Double-plunger hydraulic grout pump

Double-plunger hydraulic grout pump

Double plunger hydraulic grout pump factory

Double plunger hydraulic grout pump factory

Medium pressure hydraulic grouting pump

Medium pressure hydraulic grouting pump

Double-Plunger plus two pulsation damper

Double-Plunger plus two pulsation damper

Hydraulic oil air cooler

Hydraulic oil air cooler

Stainless steel frame electric box with water proof button

Stainless steel frame electric box with water proof button

■Technical Parameters

Technical Data:

Item LGM50/80PLD-E
Rated Output 0-80L/Min
Rated Pressure 0-50Bar
W/C ratio ≥0.5:1
Plunger Dia. 85mm
Stroke  190mm
Inlet Dia. 2’’
Outlet Dia. BSP1.5’’ 
Power Unit 11kW
Transmission Hydraulic drive
Max. particle size 8mm
Chassis Skid
Note: double cylinders double plunger vertical type pump
Pressure and flow could be adjustable step-less
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