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LGM130/20 Medium Pressure Grouting Pump

  • Rated Output:130(L/min)
  • Rated Pressure:2(MPa)
  • Cylinder Dia.:75(mm)
  • Piston Stroke:85(mm)
  • Stroke/Minute:180/min
  • Inlet diameter:51(mm)

  • injection grout pump
  • injection pump
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LEC injection grouting pumps provide wide range grouting pressure selection as well as the
dependability and durability required on your job site.


The high pressure grouting pump are ideal for grouting-process in underground and civil applications.


♦ Single Piston with double outing-acting. 
♦ Gear reducer with diesel or electric motor drive.    
♦ Ball valve. 
♦ Compact size.
♦ High-strength aluminum casting pump house.
■Product Details
high pressure grouting pump

High Pressure Grouting Pump

injection pump

Injection Pump

piston pump

LGM130 Grouting Pump

■Technical Parameters

Technical Data:

Item Specification
Rated Output 130L/min
Rated Pressure 2MPa(20bar/290psi)
Cylinder Dia. 75mm
Piston Stroke 85mm
Stroke/Minute 180/min
Inlet diameter 51mm
Outlet diameter 38mm
Power unit 5.5KW(Electric) 10hp(Diesel)
Transmission V-belt+gearbox
Chassis Skid
Weight 260kg
Overall Dimensions 1400x600x1000(mm)
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